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Propylon of Agios Antonios Church

Supervision | Construction


The Church of Agios Antonios is one of the largest and most important in the area of ​​Keratsini, something that is immediately perceived by its great dome and imposing bell tower. Moreover, it is of particular architectural interest, mainly due to its exterior masonry built of porous limestone according to the tradition of the Byzantine period, with decorative strips of deep-red bricks framing the stones.


The studio was commissioned in 2015 to build a new propylon, that is the sheltered archway with its colonnade leading to the main entrance of the Temple, which also transitions to a large exterior space. This project was both a design as well as a construction challenge, being an addition to a building with a unique architectural expression, character, but also historical significance.


For the structure, reinforced concrete was used, where special molds were required for the cross-casting of the ceiling’s domes according to Byzantine standards. Subsequently, the surface of the concrete was cladded, like the rest of the temple, with the same porous plinth and deep-red bricks for the creation of decorative elements. The columns of the propylon with their capitals were cladded with marble, as well as the main set of stairs that leads to it.

Christos Dimopoulos Architecture Studio Construction Firm Propylon of Agios Antonios Church
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