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Christos Dimopoulos

He was born in 1963 in Parapotamos, Serres, where he completed his secondary education. After high school, he lived for two years in Germany, where he was taught the german language at the Bénédict Schule in Düsseldorf. He then studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, from where he graduated in 1989.


During his military service, he participated as an engineer in a large number of studies for the army’s building projects. After fulfilling his military duties, he was employed by several design and construction firms, up until 1993.


Since 1993 he maintains his own architecture studio in Keratsini, Attiki and in 1995 he founded the construction firm “Christos Dimopoulos & Co L.P.” which he manages. Since its foundation 24 years ago, the studio has signed more than 500 architectural studies, a large number of which it has also been commissioned to construct.

Pantelis Dimopoulos

He studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, from where he graduated in 2017. During his studies, he completed his dissertation project titled "Building with Timber: From Design to Construction" and has experimented with wood as a structural material in architectural studies of ephemeral as well as permanent structures.


He has participated in a number of architectural competitions, of which he has been distinguished (1st place) in the architectural workshop: "Europe in the Ionosphere".


He has been experimenting with programming as well as with kinetic sculptures as part of the academic course "From Metamechanics to Postdigital". In 2015 he participated in the exhibition "Adhocracy" hosted at the House of Arts and Letters.


In 2016 he worked at the international architecture studio "Kengo Kuma & Associates" in Paris, where he took part in a variety of architectural projects and works of various types and uses.


In 2017 he completed his thesis titled "At + 1650m: Designing for Vasilitsa Ski Center, Grevena", which has been published in the architectural e-journals "Archisearch" and "Kataskeves Ktirion".

Former members

Apostolis Sardelis

Evangelia Giannaki

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