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The firm “Christos Dimopoulos & Co L.P.” was founded in 1993 in Keratsini, Athens and operates throughout Greece, with its main objectives being the architectural design of projects of any type and the undertaking of their construction process, down to the smallest detail. We thus provide the option for a complete and controllable result combining design and construction, with our non-negotiable principles being the highest possible quality and aesthetics, always taking into account the needs of the customer and the spirit of the place and time.



Within the broad spectrum of services provided, the following are included:


  • Design and construction of private and public works (residences, stores, public buildings, etc.)

  • Renovation of residential, commercial and office buildings

  • Repairs or repurposing of existing buildings

  • 3d Rendering - Photorealistic studies of indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Urban design and master planning

  • Issue of building permits 

  • Site supervision

  • Legalization of unapproved constructions or buildings lacking a building permit

  • Issue of energy performance certificates


All the aforementioned services are carried out with the collaboration of experienced engineers of various specialties (civil and mechanical engineers, topographers) while the long-term cooperation with our workshops and technicians allows us to guarantee the integrity of the result.




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