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in Aegina

Architectural design


Stone and timber, the two materials that make up almost the entirety of this house, except for the roman roof tiles, light-colored to match the tone of the charming aeginian tuff.

Within a fair distance from the center of Kypseli, the building is located in a quiet alley, in an area with strong neighborhood features, since the children's voices, the conversations of the grown-ups and the chirping of the cicadas are the sounds that one will mostly hear on an August afternoon.

The basic pursuit here was simplicity, with emphasis on the forming of the porous stonework, the jointing, the cornerstones. Because of its small size, the building is equipped with a wooden loft that accommodates a sleeping area, with the public spaces and the bathroom located on the ground floor.

Christos Dimopoulos Architecture Studio Construction Firm Summerhouse in Aegina
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