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Residence in

Marathonas, Aegina

Supervision | Construction


The main feature of this residence, with a total area of ​​500 m² is that it is situated literally next to the beach of Marathonas, in the homonymous area of ​​Aegina. Our studio undertook the completion of the construction, as only the shell of reinforced concrete pre-existed, as well as the interior and exterior design.

The house is developed in three levels, with the bedrooms being at the top level, featuring a “split-level” design in relation to the public spaces located in the ground floor. The basement level includes auxiliary spaces, an office space as well as a fitness and recreation area.


The public areas (living room, kitchen) were designed as a single, fluid space without dividing walls and with larger ceiling height to emphasize their importance. In order to protect from the sun in the summer months, but also to achieve a better transition from the interior to the exterior, a pergola with fixed blinds adjacent to the living room was designed, functioning as a transitional semi-outdoor space and sheltering the patio overlooking the sea.


Christos Dimopoulos Architecture Studio Construction Firm Plan of Residence in Marathonas Aegina
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