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Construction of a 2nd floor apartment in Kaminia, Piraeus

Architectural design | Construction


This apartment was constructed on top of a pre-existing two-storey building in the area of Kaminia in the municipality of Piraeus, with the forethought for a future expansion both vertically and horizontally in the western part of the plot.

The space was initially envisioned as a two-bedroom flat, but the design was modified in order to accomodate a third bedroom due to the increased needs of the family.

The pursuit was for the aforementioned change to compress the public spaces of the residence as little as possible. For this reason, the wall dividing the living room and the bedrooms was designed as a "furniture wall" to save as much space as possible. At the same time, the atmosphere of the individual spaces was enhanced by the built-in lighting in the newly constructed drywall ceilings.

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