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Black Rabbit Café

Interior Design | Construction


We undertook this project in two phases, initially by the owner of the store, who assigned us to renovate it in order to facilitate the process of renting it. Afterwards, the tenant asked us to issue a permit for its use as a coffee shop and to design the interior space for this specific use case.

The first phase included -among others- installing and choosing the new floor tiles, replacing the facades' glass panels and repairing the outer walls, which allowed us to expose and highlight -in tandem with the appropriate lighting- parts of it built with stone and clay bricks.

During the second phase we designed, in collaboration with the tenant, the wood and metal shelves showcasing the products, the countertop layout and we helped with the choice of colors and materials in order to revamp and showcase the space in the best possible way.

katopsi-black rabbit.png
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