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Housing complex

in Agios Antonios,


Architectural design


The building is located in a corner plot of land with south-west orientation near the church of Agios Antonios in Keratsini and consists of 6 floors of residences, an auxiliary basement area and a pilotis on the ground floor. It is worth noting its immediate vicinity with the "Pavlos Bakoyannis" National Gymnasium as well as with a basketball court and a football field, which enables the unobstructed viewing and natural lighting on the facades of Makedonias and Dragatsaniou streets.


The studio undertook the architectural design of the project, which was completed in October, 2007. The building does not differ from the usual typology of the greek “polykatoikia”, with the main demand being the maximum exploitation of available space. Synthetically, it was attempted to disrupt the inherent verticality of the building due to its height, introducing a series of horizontal recessed lines on the parapets of the cantilereved terraces. The latter have a curved shape in order to increase the useful area in front of the public spaces (living room, kitchen), making the most of the privileged location of the plot.

Christos Dimopoulos Architecture Studio Construction Firm Elevation Housing Complex in Keratsini
Christos Dimopoulos Architecture Studio Construction Firm Plan Housing Complex in Keratsini
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