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Apartment building

in Keratsini

Completion of construction | Supervision

2005, 2014

This apartment building is located between the areas of Evgenia and Amphiali in Keratsini and consists of two whole-floor apartments and a third one that is developed on two levels. It is located at the junction of two relatively quiet streets, it has a south-west orientation, and one of its facades overlooks a park.


The works included completion of the pre-existing concrete structural system and were carried out in two phases, one in 2005 and a second one completed in 2014 after which the building was rendered fully habitable and functional. During this project, it was made possible for the studio to design in situ details such as the metallic parapets of the cantilevered terraces, the metal door of the main entrance, as well as the marble inner staircase with the wooden handrail.

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