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Old family home renovation
in Keratsini

Architectural design | Construction


The present building, constructed initially during the 1950s, constitutes one of the few remaining old family homes in the area which have not been demolished, giving their place to newly-built blocks of flats. The owners’ aim was to maintain and preserve it, while covering the needs of a modern house.


The structural integrity of the masonry walls was prioritized, given the age of the building. The masonry joints were redone almost entirely. At the same time, the interior layout was streamlined, by developing the public spaces on the longitudinal volume with east-west orientation, while the private spaces (bedrooms-bathrooms) were placed on the transverse axis extending to the northern edge of the plot.


Finally, an effort was made to highlight the morphology of the structure thus the white frames surrounding the openings were introduced, combined with the external lighting which was placed strategically on the face of the building.

before the renovation

Main elevation and front patio design

after the renovation

Before and after completion of the project

Plan of the new design

Plan of the new design

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