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Renovation of ground-floor apartment in Keratsini

Architectural design | Construction


In this project, the challenging factor was the elongated shape of the existing envelope, constructed in 1975 with its linear arrangement of spaces, in combination with the owner’s need for three bedrooms and two bathrooms as part of the new design. The new spaces were arranged optimally for natural lighting and ventilation, while the long hallway that occurred as a result of the above restrictions was converted to a point of interest, through the design and installation of linear LED lighting elements.


Finally, emphasis was given to the front patio of the apartment, which was redesigned and elevated to the living room’s level, in order for it to function as an open-air extension of the living spaces of the residence.

elevation rendering
φωτορεαλιστικό διαμόρφωσης βεράντας

Main elevation and front patio design

plan of the new design

Plan of the new design

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