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Wedding Oasis


Architecture Competition, 2017

In collaboration with:

Alexandros Giannikopoulos

The competition involved the design of portable and lightweight pavilions (ceremony, wedding and restaurant pavilions) to be placed in the courtyard of Castello di Rosciano, Italy in order to host wedding ceremonies and feasts.

For this proposal, our inspiration stemmed from the very theme of the competition itself: the sacred ritual of marriage. More specifically, for our design we focused on one of its trademark symbols: the wedding rings. From the shape of two rings when brought together derived the primary concept for the ceremony pavilion, the epicenter of the wedding day and the heart of the ritual. Two interlocking circles with their shared segments risen create a conical structure dressed in fabric, resembling -in a way- the bride’s wedding dress.

For each one of the wedding and restaurant pavilions we conceived the same 6x12m. versatile module, a metal-framed rectangular space with maximum transparency but also protected from the elements. Three different -easily assembled- versions of this module cover the different needs of the program.

We also designed an open pathway, covered in fabric as well, which acts as a unifying element of the whole synthesis and guides the visitors through the different pavilions. For this element, we borrowed a Greek wedding tradition called «stefana»: two ring-like crowns -worn by the bride and groom during the ritual- are connected through a satin strip, signifying them bonding together as one, for the rest of their lives.