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Bakery in Kalamos, Lefkada

Architectural design | Construction


The project is located in Kalamos, Lefkada, a small island with limited access, but which attracts many tourists who approach it by private boats and prefer it because of its natural beauty and quietness.


The site is located at a central point of the island's pier and the aim was to renovate it and turn it into a bakery that will operate during the summer period (May-October).


One of the first decisions taken was the choice of the main color, which was requested by the owner to be vivid, in order to stand out along the pier. The shade of orange was chosen as the complementary of the blue color of the first floor’s window frames and railings, in which there was no possibility to intervene. This color was applied to the western wall, interior details, but also to the exterior umbrellas and the store’s sign, so that a uniform approach to the whole space was followed.


The remaining surfaces were painted or covered with neutral shades (white-gray) to achieve a visual balance with the vivid orange. The stone wall on the south side was remade and highlighted with spotlights, while the wooden structure of the roof was colored white as the beams’ surface was in poor condition.


On the outside, our studio designed both the store’s inscription together with the other signage, as well as the transportable stand-showcase that was placed under the tree in front of the shop’s facade.