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Housing complex

in Plato's Academy

Student project, N.T.U.A., 2015

In collaboration with:

Alexandra Androutsopoulou

Fragkiskos Tiniakos

Plato's Academy is a district of great historical significance for the city of Athens, as it is the location of the homonymous archaeological site, nowadays surrounded by a large but quite neglected park. It is worth mentioning that it is in the plans of the state to reform the area, as well as to build the new Museum of the City of Athens near the park.


For this project we were asked to propose a new masterplan for Plato Academy, as well as to introduce the use of collective housing in the area. In our proposal, the residences were expressed as six linear building blocks, deployed radially in the southern part of the park, their center being the new Athens City Museum which we placed in an empty block on the northern side of the park. At the same time, we introduced a pedestrian axis with adjoining cultural and social uses linking the park with Athinon Avenue, making it attractive and accessible to visitors from all over Athens.