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Dentistry renovation

in Piraeus

Architectural design | Construction


One of the primary objectives for this project was the preservation of several existing elements such as the marble flooring, a large part of the furnishing, the location of the sanitary spaces and the window frames. At the same time, it was of paramount importance to reduce work time to a minimum as the clinic had to resume operation as soon as possible.


The layout of the new floor plan took into account both the existing situation and the new needs of the client, enabling the simultaneous and independent operation of two dentist’s chairs, as well as provisioning of a new space for installing an x-ray scanner.


Among the works carried out were the installation and upgrade of all the electrical and hydraulic systems required for the dentistry to function properly, the design of the lighting, the grinding of the marble floors and their repair where necessary, as well as the installation of a full-height glass curtain wall with frosted elements in both sides of the corridor leading to the clinics.