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"City Beacon":

Athens Info Point 

Architecture Competition, 2015

In collaboration with:

Alexandra Androutsopoulou

Fragkiskos Tiniakos

The objective of the competition was the design and construction of a 6 sq.m. pavilion, which would serve as a reference point, as well as an information kiosk about various actions and events of the Municipality of Athens and which was to be installed in various public areas of the city of Athens. The basic requirement was that the structure of the pavilion had to be formed entirely out of timber.


The pavilion was conceived as a section through the city, where elements and images -contemporary or not- of the city of Athens are represented: fragments of urban memory. The main design gesture is to place two C-shaped, timber-frame panels on the sides of a corridor-void, representing the two opposite facades of a typical narrow Athenian street. Openings for a door and window are designed on the inner facades. Traditional wooden doors and blinders found on post-war or neoclassical Athenian buildings are to be fitted on those openings, completing the image of a miniature, contemporary Athens. To this image further contribute the analog television, the antenna and the solar panel (water heater). The visitor has the option to interact with the pavilion by walking through the inner corridor-alley.